5 reject greed
10 tread lightly
5 connect with (the bright side of) community
10 build up democracy

FairShare International: A human rights organisation like no other

Principles into Practice

Looking for some support in putting into practice? This is the place for the practicalities of making a difference starting NOW.

Share your ideas for practical action. Pass on your suggestions and successes. Send an email with your helpful hints and stories. Let us know when you catch others (or yourself) getting it right!


Click below to find facts and links on:
Narrowing the gap between rich and poor

Reducing your use of the earth's resources
( and saving the environment for future generations)

HOT FLUSH The New Toiletiquette for 21st Century Households is here

Ecological Footprint Quiz
It's a  quiz and you may not like your score but you can take charge and do better next time. Living is learning.

Building community with those who need help or are helping
Taking democratic action against greed and injustice

The FairShare Portfolio Checkup assists you in keeping track of your progress toward achieving the goals of Download it here:

FSI Portfolio Checkup
(requires Adobe Acrobat)