5 reject greed
10 tread lightly
5 connect with (the bright side of) community
10 build up democracy

FairShare International: Inventor of micro-philanthropy Principles into Practice

Lessening the gap between rich and poor through redistributing wealth

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Direct debit of donations
If your money seems to be spent as quickly as it comes in, try giving a monthly donation to one of the larger charities ( such as Oxfam Community Aid Abroad or Greenpeace). The monthly amount appears on my bank statement each month, I feel good and I don't really miss the cash I never had. (RD, Adelaide)

Visit The Magic World of Bob Oort's Computer Art Illustrations
A Web site of Art, Books and Music, for a better World.

Living Ethically and Sustainably is an Oxfam CAA group based in Melbourne. If you've ever wondered how your lifestyle can make a difference .visit this