5 reject greed
10 tread lightly
5 connect with (the bright side of) community
10 build up democracy

Don’t give until it hurts. Give until it feels better. In Detail

Take significant democratic action to correct practices associated with greed and injustice that hurt people and the environment.

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Media Sourceso:p>

This page from the RESULTS  website provides a list of major Australian media contacts (websites and email addresses) to help with letter writing campaigns. Includes links to pages with contacts for other countries.

RESULTS is a community based organisation whose purpose is to generate the political and public will to end hunger and the worst aspects of poverty. Each day approximately 29,000 children around the world die from completely preventable causes; and 1.5 billion people live on less than $2 per day. RESULTS volunteers educate parliamentarians on poverty related issues and lobby them to implement policies and take actions that will alleviate hunger and poverty. Volunteers also have letters and articles published in the local media on poverty and how it can be alleviated.

For more information about RESULTS in st1:country-region>Australia contact Maree Nutt on telephone 02 9999 3192 or email mnutt@ozemail.com.au or resultsaustralia@ozemail.com.au

Federal Parliamentarians

The official list of Federal Australian politicians, their contact details and websites.