FairShare International (FSI) promotes a world in which the many good
things in life are shared more fairly by all people, including future
generations. We focus on four crises facing humanity today:
  • the widening gulf between rich and poor
  • depletion of the natural environment
  • weak sense of community and connectedness
  • too few active participants in our political processes.

Ten Year Anniversary & Winding Up

After ten years of encouraging people to adopt the formula, FairShare International is celebrating its anniversary!

After that it will formally wind up. However, this web site will continue, and we will continue to encourage people to share the world’s resources more equitably.

There’s a short description of the launch on 8 March 2002 on the What’s Old page (scroll down to 2002), with a photo montage available, too.

FairShare International members are people who are
committed to using some of their time, money and talents to make a
difference to the lives of others and the natural environment. We expect
to benefit personally - and as a community.