5 reject greed
10 tread lightly
5 connect with (the bright side of) community
10 build up democracy

FairShare International: Inventor of micro-philanthropy

The FSI Organisation

Beginnings and Structure

The idea for FairShare International was conceived by Pam DiLorenzo, who brought together a group of like-minded people in Adelaide South Australia in mid 2001. FairShare was officially launched on 8th March 2002 by Robyn Williams, a well-regarded presenter and commentator.

The FSI management group meets in Adelaide regularly, and plans the publicity and education campaign that is the heart of FairShare.

Actions to spread the work of FairShare are being undertaken in a number of places, and individuals who have agreed to take on this responsibility are part of the wider Founders Group.

The objects of the FairShare International Association:

As stated in the Constitution, these are:

In principle support:

FairShare International has in principle support from