5 reject greed
10 tread lightly
5 connect with (the bright side of) community
10 build up democracy

FairShare International: A human rights organisation like no other

Melbourne FSI meeting, 26th September 2006

Three members met for lunch at the Friends of the Earth café in Collingwood. (And there were two others who sent their apologies.) We shared how we came to FSI (two through New Internationalist) and found we have one established member, one more recent and one new (3 years, 1 year, 4 months since joining).

We talked about what we have been doing, how we find the different categories in our lives, and what we plan to do in the near future. Also we started to list groups to which we contribute, or into which we give time. The coming Victorian state election is an opportunity for us to make efforts to ‘Build up democracy’, by assisting campaigns we support.

Of the four categories of actions highlighted by FSI, we agreed that the easiest/most immediately satisfying was sharing our income, by donating to projects to ease poverty, environmental degradation etc. The issue of balance in our lives, caring for children, daily comfort levels and limits of time and energy affected all three other areas. And the problem of just not getting around to things we knew we should be doing!


Between us we are engaged in

We aim shortly to add:

Sharing information/suggestions for action:

Groups we support/recommend to others: